November 03, 2020


Meet Ellen Parker, CEO and Founder of PARKER PR, a Calgary based firm that specializes in public relations strategy, custom-tailored marketing and thoughtful communication strategies. Prior to PARKER PR, Ellen spent time working in New York City for various boutique PR firms, representing celebrities and small businesses as well as the institute for Children and Poverty.

Ellen is most proud of not only her family and team but also her commitment to volunteerism. She is one of Avenue Magazine’s Top 40 Under 40 Alumni and a recipient of the Mayors Excellence Award for her work as the Manager of Education and Outreach with the Calgary Philharmonic Orchestra.

Q: What does community mean to you and how do you currently support your community?

A: To me, community is about helping each other and lifting each other up. Connecting the charity world with the business world to help support those less fortunate and connecting the art world with the business world to ensure a vibrant artistic, creative, rich community. So that’s what I love about Calgary and to support that I started a PR company, and that’s what we do - that’s what our mandate is we bring people together, we’re builders.

Q: What does it mean to be part of the Ellie Bianca Woman’s Campaign?

A: It’s extremely exciting to be a part of the campaign, the product is everything that resonates with me, it’s high quality, elegant, graceful, it’s beautiful. It's long-lasting and its healing from the inside-out and I think it's a holistic approach to beauty and I’m delighted, honoured and grateful to be involved.

Q: What is one word to describe yourself?

A: One word to describe myself, I am a connector.

Q: What's your favourite Ellie Bianca product?

A: Rose Skin Oil!

Thank you to Ellen for all she does to support small business in our community, it means the world to us! Follow along on Instagram to learn more about her work.

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