Get Fresh with Citrus Verbena

February 12, 2020

Get Fresh with Citrus Verbena

The invigorating smell of freshly cut grass, the gentle waft of fresh baked bread, the scent that lingers after an embrace. Scents are powerful, they each have the ability to evoke memories, transport us back to a moment in time and even inspire.

6 years ago, along the halls of a hotel in the south of France, I caught the scent of a comforting aroma that my nose just couldn’t get enough of. The fresh, invigorating fragrance filled the halls in the hotel, and I was obsessed. I had to discover this scent, I had to have it! It was a fruity and fresh smell that invited me in and I daresay drove me crazy. I was later informed that the halls were perfumed with lavender and citrus. 

My stay was coming to an end and I needed to not only recreate the scent but infuse it into an oil. Ever the chemist, I decided to visit perfumeries to gain an understanding of the composition of the scent. I met a woman who had a nose for big brands, and I took her to get an idea of the fragrance in the hotel with the hopes that she could recreate it for me. Unfortunately, we couldn’t develop the oil to our standards of 100% natural.

I’ve never been one to give up easily, so once I was back in Alberta, I decided to engage a company from New Jersey. I provided them the precise details of what I wanted and stressed the importance that it should be all-natural, consisting of organic ingredients. You can imagine my horror when I got the samples and tested them and found they were laden with unsavoury ingredients!

I decided to use my expertise as a chemist and get cracking in the lab. After several trials mixing various essential oils, we managed to create Citrus Verbena. The base oil of 12 luxurious ingredients took two years to create. We took our time because we wanted it to be a light, fast absorbing, non-greasy oil. Furthermore, the scent had to be made from organic essential oils to ensure it measured up to our standard of 100 % natural and toxin free.

Although it was difficult to bring to fruition, looking back it was worth the journey. Citrus Verbena has become the blend that keeps on giving!

Since launching the oil, it has received a lot of attention. It was nominated in New York at the Indie Beauty Expo and was a finalist in 2018. Additionally, the oil was a finalist for the clean living awards. We also submitted it for CertClean along with the other oils that we carry and to our surprise it has been shortlisted as a finalist for in the Facial Oil category for 2020. We couldn’t be more proud!

The amazing oil is surely one to watch, its fresh scent is inviting and works wonders for the skin. It helps reduce inflammation, improve skin texture and maintain a balanced complexion. Thanks to the unique blend of oils, it locks in moisture, improves overall skin texture and glides smoothly onto the skin resulting in a youthful and supple complexion. Add Citrus Verbena to your skin care regime - your skin will thank you!

- Evelyne Nyairo, founder of Ellie Bianca

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