Happy Birthday Miss Ellie Bianca, the inspiration behind our brand

September 10, 2017

Happy Birthday Miss Ellie Bianca, the inspiration behind our brand

The birth of Ellie ignited Evelyne’s passion, drive and desire to raise Ellie to be a smart, happy, dignified and well-adjusted young woman with a successful future. Determined to ensure that gender inequity, bias, or prejudice of any kind would never hold her or her daughter back from reaching their desired vision or happiness, Ellie’s mom set out on her own quest. “We have to connect the communities,” she says, “I want my daughter to have that pride in her African heritage and connection to where I came from, and wisdom to understand and share the beauty in diversity and why it is something to embrace. I believe all young girls should know, that achieving your ambitions is your responsibility.”

Evelyne, the founder of Ellie Bianca, is a proudly African-Canadian woman. Born and raised in Kisii, a village near Nairobi, in Kenya, Evelyne was immersed in the rich culture of African tapestry, beliefs and tradition. She saw stark gender inequality but resolved to have the inner strength to grow up with confidence.

Recognizing she was surrounded by strong women whom, to this day, she still admires for their beauty and grace, she deeply values their quiet strength inner and outer beauty, and their luxuriously smooth natural skin. This created the founding sense of feminine strength, passion and beauty for Evelyne, which she knew she wanted to share with the world.

Evelyne is well-connected to her Kenyan roots, and has helped put five young people in her home country through university. She began by sponsoring only girls, but some young men have also joined the ranks.


Ellie Bianca is about nurturing not only the skin but also the souls of the communities from which it comes. We continue our mission this month in celebration of Ellie’s birthday to raise funds for two courageous young women who need our assistance to continue school. Each purchase brings a brighter future for Risper and Villain who are so eager and determined to go to school but now face uncertainty.


This month when you invest in yourself you also invest in a better world for our girls. 10% of each purchase will be contributed to a full years tuition for Risper and Villain. 150 of our luxurious Body Oils is what it takes to make this happen. 


Meet Risper 

Living in Kericho, Kenya Risper walks 10km to attend school everyday. She lost her mother when she was in class 3. Her father is an alcoholic and chased her away from home and stopped any assistance after Risper got a child. Currently she's staying with an aging maternal grandmother. The school community has been assisting her so that she does not drop out of school. She is determined to pursue her studies and raise her child Chepngeno Abigael to be healthy and happy. 
She is not alone, let's give her the strength and support to achieve her dreams.

Meet Villian 

Her single mother passed when she was in grade 3. As an orphan. Villian stayed with her sister up until last year when they could not afford to pay her fees. A former friend of her late mother took her in and has been assisting her in following up with bursaries. Villian wants to show that with determination and hard work anyone can create a brighter future. With this contribution we are enabling her to get access to education and give back to those who believed in her.


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