Why Ellie Bianca?

January 31, 2017

Ellie Bianca Women-Run Co-Op Africa Shea

Ellie Bianca Shea Women Co-OpPhotos: Visiting a women-run co-op in Chad, Africa, November 2016


What it means to buy Ellie Bianca

Every Ellie Bianca product is handcrafted with the intent of contributing to a better world.

When you support Ellie Bianca, you’re not only investing in high quality, all natural skin care products, but you’re also investing in the three pillars of sustainability:

Social - Our shea butter and oil is directly sourced by us from two women-run co-ops in Africa. By sourcing direct, we’re able to connect with the women on a personal level and work with them to develop, maintain, and/or improve upon sustainable practices so that they can support their communities in a sustainable way.

It is through business and education that we seek to empower men, women and children to become part of a movement to open hearts and minds so that current and future generations have the opportunity to pursue their full potential.

Economic - Through every opportunity we have to source directly and arrange fair-trade and profit sharing agreements, we empower communities to have confidence and believe in a fair value for their products and services. Through every opportunity we have to provide education on sustainable practices, we empower communities to create a more stable, sustainable economy for themselves.

Environmental - We actively work to reduce the number of people that are between our raw ingredients and our final product through direct sourcing. This allows us to have more control over ingredient quality, it greatly reduces our carbon footprint, and it ensures that we are applying fair-trade practices.

In choosing our ingredients, we take an active interest in the origins and harvesting practices as well as the extraction process.  We strive to select native plant species that are sustainable, naturally harvested and never chemically extracted. We also select organically grown and non-GMO ingredients resulting in a high quality, high potency, natural product.

Our research and development and final product testing processes always include willing and enthusiastic people, never animals.

Ellie Bianca is dedicated to providing you with all natural, luxury skin care products made from high-end ingredients that are naturally (chemical-free) derived, environmentally sustainable and ethically/fair-trade sourced. We believe in empowering women through business and education, actively seeking out partnerships with women-run co-ops and sponsoring the educations of young women.

When you buy Ellie Bianca, you help us build a community, directly connecting people to their products, the producers and their communities, and each other for a healthier, more sustainable, loving future.

Ellie Bianca is Kind to your Skin, Kind to the Earth, and Kind to Women.


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