Elevate Your Corporate Gifting: Introducing Ellie Bianca's Exclusive Gift Catalogue

December 08, 2023

Elevate Your Corporate Gifting: Introducing Ellie Bianca's Exclusive Gift Catalogue

Elevate Your Corporate Gifting: Introducing Ellie Bianca's Exclusive Gift Catalogue

'Tis the season for thoughtful gestures that make a lasting impression! At Ellie Bianca, we understand the importance of expressing gratitude and appreciation to your valued clients, partners, and employees. That's why we're thrilled to unveil our exclusive Corporate Gift Catalogue, curated with the essence of luxury and natural beauty.

A Collection that Speaks Volumes

Our Corporate Gift Catalogue boasts a selection of meticulously crafted skincare sets and indulgent self-care bundles designed to elevate your gifting experience. Each item within this collection embodies our commitment to excellence, presenting a fusion of opulence and natural allure. Tailored Elegance for Every Recipient

Discover a range of options suitable for every recipient on your list:

Lavender Haze

Elevate the self-care experience for valued clients, partners, or hardworking team members with our Lavender Haze duo. Crafted to provide a serene and rejuvenating escape, this set includes Lavender Bath Salt and Lavender Body Oil.

Feel the Breeze

Our ultra-hydrating, organic liquid hand soaps offer a gentle, non-drying cleanse, leaving your skin feeling irresistibly smooth and soft after every wash. This bundle features our best-selling scents: Rose Petal + Vanilla, Citrus Tea Tree, and Naked Liquid Hand Soap.


Touch of Radiance Collection

  • Ideal for esteemed clients or top-tier partners, this set exudes sophistication and anti-aging wonders. It includes Naked Face Oil, Radiance Serum, and Luxe Glow Serum, presenting an exceptional token of appreciation.


Touch of Love Bundle

  • Perfect for honoring the hard work of dedicated employees or expressing gratitude to a team. It comprises Hydrating Face Toner, Rose Face Oil, and Lavender Bath Salts, ensuring a pampering retreat.


Hand Cream Trio

Our beloved Hand Lotions, now available in pocket-sized, 30ml tubes for on-the-go indulgence! Featuring popular scents like Rose & Vanilla, Citrus Verbena, and Honey & Oat, these all-natural hand lotions offer creamy nourishment wherever you are, embracing you in natural ingredients’ creaminess.

The Perfect Duo

  • An excellent choice for fostering camaraderie among colleagues or gifting to a team. This duo includes Liquid Hand Soap and Hydrating Body Lotion, a blend of nourishing elements for supple skin.

Complete Radiance Skincare Ritual

  • Present this elegantly crafted collection to honor a valued partnership or showcase appreciation for exceptional teamwork. Featuring Gentle Cleansing Oil, Hydrating Face Toner, Radiance Face Serum, and Nourishing Face Oil, it's a comprehensive skincare regimen in one beautifully packaged collection.

Unveiling Unforgettable Impressions

Our Corporate Gift Catalogue isn't just about presenting a gift; it's about creating memorable experiences and leaving a lasting impact. Each item is meticulously designed, ethically sourced, and embodies the essence of natural beauty and opulence.

Your Signature of Distinction

Elevate your corporate gifting experience with Ellie Bianca's exquisite selection. Visit our Corporate Gift Catalogue to explore our offerings and leave a lasting impression with a touch of luxury and natural radiance.

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