Skincare with a Cause

June 01, 2018

Skincare with a Cause

So often we get caught up in following trends that we forget how powerful our purchase habits are. Stats show that collectively, consumers used to opt for big corporations that mass-produced goods, but recently consumer patterns have shifted, and local, small batch independent brands are growing in popularity.

But with so many indie brands rising in popularity, it can be hard to choose which one aligns with your own values and beliefs. How many of these start-ups do more than produce and sell goods? Do they give back to the community - and if they do, how are they giving back; where is the transparency? With so many brands claiming ethical practices, it can be difficult to determine fact from fiction.

Ellie Bianca is more than luxurious, natural skincare. Ellie Bianca is a platform that cultivates, sustains and empowers women through business, fair trade, education and opportunity. Our mission to give back to communities is more than words on paper – it's fact. Our fundamental ingredient, shea, is personally sourced by our founder from women-run co-ops in Chad, Africa. Maintaining close relationships with our suppliers is important to us because it is through the sharing of knowledge that we grow as people and strengthen the movement toward gender equality.

We whole heartedly believe in the ability of women to work together toward common success, and we actively seek to connect with and learn from female entrepreneurs. Sourcing our ingredients directly from women-run co-ops is just one way Ellie gives back.

Our mission to support and empower women isn't reserved solely for our suppliers. Ellie Bianca is excited to be working on a scholarship program. This scholarship will be awarded to a single mother who is enrolled in full-time post-secondary studies within Canada.

We believe that motherhood and being a working professional can work hand in hand and it truly does take a village to raise a child. In every sense of the phrase, Ellie Bianca truly is Kind to Skin, Kind to Earth and Kind to Women.


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