4 Ways to Create Instant Self Love

February 07, 2018

4 Ways to Create Instant Self Love

Ah yes, February – otherwise known as the month of love. As we approach Valentine’s Day, it isn’t uncommon to witness the explosion of #CoupleGoals on your Instagram newsfeed. Something not as common, however, are those expressing love for themselves. Although the self-love parade is becoming increasingly popular, celebrating yourself during a month traditionally used to celebrate relationships isn’t exactly what you say, in vogue. This being said – we want to challenge you to love yourself this month (and beyond). Not sure how? We are firm believers that a little bit of time dedicated to yourself each day can go a long way when it comes to boosting your confidence. Here are our top 4 recommendations on how to spend your ‘me time’ so you can learn to love yourself from the inside out.

  1. Simplify your beauty routine

Let’s break this down for you: time consuming beauty routine = less time in your day to accomplish your tasks = stress. Rather than spending your time and money on an abundance of makeup products, focus on the overall health of your skin. A simple skincare regime can work wonders. Start by educating yourself on the kinds of ingredients in the products you’re using. The more natural and fewer the ingredients, the better. To give yourself a little extra time, try multi-use products like our body oil. Trust us - with this oil you won’t need a 5-step routine. Oh, and don’t forget to give yourself one day every week so let your skin breathe: no makeup, no products, nothing.

  1. Unplug

We can’t stress this one enough. We live in a time where we can connect with just about anyone at any time of the day. While convenient, the constant need to monitor our phones and social media 24/7 can have a negative impact on our well-being with 56% of women admitting to having their self-image negatively impacted by social media. Sound familiar? Allow yourself some space by dedicating just a few hours each day to unplug. Rather than reaching for your devices, pamper yourself with a relaxing bath, meditation, or a night out (or in) with the girls.

  1. Catch some Zzz’s and exercise often

You’ve probably heard this one over and over...but it’s true. A good night of sleep rejuvenates your body while promoting cell renewal. In other words: glowing skin. After you’re well rested, don’t forget your daily sweat. Exercise will not only boost your mood but it will also help to remove unwanted toxins from your body. Don’t forget to drink plenty of water throughout to avoid dehydration. After your workout is complete, treat yourself with a bath and added bath salts to replenish lost minerals and soothe those hard-working muscles.

  1. Eat real foods

Nourishing your body with REAL food will not only improve your mood and brain power, but it’s also one of the best choices that you could make for the health of your skin. You may be thinking uhhh my potato chips aren’t imaginary, guys. Don’t get us wrong - it’s completely okay (in fact, highly encouraged) to indulge here and there.  However, do your body a favor and avoid over-consuming highly processed/artificial foods. Opting for colorful foods straight from the earth provides your body with energy as well as antioxidants that fight free radicals which, by the way, age the skin.


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By Karina Yaceyko 

February 7, 2018

Photo: Moments Marketing Photography

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