January 08, 2021


2020 was the longest year known to man, but you made it, and that in itself deserves celebration. A new year often comes with the melee of resolutions, change and dramatic transitions, that are harder to maintain throughout the year. But we at Ellie Bianca are asking you to keep being YOU, UNAPOLOGETICALLY YOU, BEAUTIFUL YOU! Do not feel pressured into changing anything about yourself this year. The same you that has survived now continues to thrive through a global pandemic and a barrage of other life challenges exacerbated by the pandemic.

To live this out, you need to be intentional and find that sweet spot when it comes to indulgence and self-control, work and play, improvement and appreciation.

CAPRE DIEMseize the day

It’s easy to focus on what you didn’t achieve whilst forgetting the great fetes you accomplished. Before you make a list on what is yet to be done and what needs to be fixed, take some time to count your wins and celebrate each one with a triumphant resolve that you deserve. Seize each day, hug those around you a little more tightly this year and remember to care for yourself.

Here are 5 tips put together by Ellie Bianca that you can adopt to inspire a Beautiful You in the New Year.

1. Hydrate

The easiest yet most effective thing you can do for your body is get that water in.  Drinking water nourishes the body and gives the skin a more plump and healthy disposition. Hydrated skin means that the skin’s elasticity is improved reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. And even if things around you seem like they are going wrong, your skin doesn’t need to reflect this.

Drinking water also helps your skin fight oiliness which is the way of the skin to compensate from a lack of moisture.

2. Read a book

Books take us on great odysseys that even planes can’t. During this time where movement is limited, a great book can be just what your mind needs to relax, be inspired to innovate and create new things. This year perhaps reading your favourite genre, exploring books, whether audio or eBooks and finding a cozy spot to curl up with your book is all the “me time” you need.

3. Indulge with balance

Cravings are often viewed as pernicious but that’s not usually the case. Every once in a while allow yourself to enjoy a bar of chocolate or the healthier sweet alternatives that you hate to love. Being kind to yourself sometimes necessitates a little cheat meal- it’s all about finding your balance between indulgence and self-control.

4.Break a sweat

Be gentle with yourself, as consistency and form are more important than completion. Even a 15 minute workout everyday doing what you love be it Zumba, Yoga, Pilates or simply going for a work can do wonders for the skin with a natural detoxification and production of lactic acid that really helps keep the skin balanced and glowing.

5. Home Self Care

With spas and salons being closed in many parts of the world, a lot of us have been stuck on how to care for our skin. But we have the perfect combination for you to try.

  • Mix steeped and cooled chamomile tea
  • Add small amount of your favourite Ellie Bianca Skin Oil, (we recommend Naked Skin Oil) and a few drops of the Ellie Bianca Lavender Skin Oil in a reusable spray bottle to calm and soothe the skin.
  • Spritz it on your skin through the day and it will leave your skin feeling fresh and luxuriously pampered.

Try it and let us know!

We want you to know that it’s the simple things that matter, in 2021 do not judge yourself too harsh or hold yourself to impossibly high standards. Remember to be You, the BEAUTIFUL YOU!

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