Can your beauty routine combat stress?

August 26, 2018

Can your beauty routine combat stress?

Women are strong, independent, beautiful and, as Newsweek (2018) reports, working more unpaid hours than men in every region of the world. Between work and home-life, women complete 2.6 times more tasks than men (what!?). When the quest for a healthy work-life balance or full nights’ rest seem too good to be true, it’s natural for anxiety and stress to increase. Sound familiar? If the chaos of day-to-day life has you feeling like every hour should be happy-hour, you can relax knowing that there is still hope.

Reaching for that fifth cup of coffee – before lunch – and still feeling tired, irritated and overwhelmed isn’t exactly ideal. Slow down, take a deep breathe, and introduce some peace of mind into your life by making a ritual out of your beauty routine. Create a window of 10-20 minutes to completely zen-out, refresh and turn off all the outside distractions. This is just what you need.

Make sure the products you apply naturally reduce stress to instantly elevate your experience. Scents such as vanilla, pumpkin and jasmine are popular options. Lavender and citrus are also known to improve wellbeing which you can find in our Lavender Body Oil, Lavender Bath Salt and Citrus Body Oil.

You can choose to make your beauty routine meditative too. Simply add chakra-opening music and crystals, or you can totally let loose and jam out to some of your favourite tunes. Everyone’s ritual and idea of me-time is different – and that’s what puts the beauty into beauty routine.

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