The Ellie Bianca Foundation is pleased to announce the:

Ellie Bianca Woman Scholarship

An educational bursary award for single mothers pursuing post-second education.
Future-proof yourself, knowledge is a tool to open doors and achieve your goals.


To lead positive change, empower and contribute to a brighter future through education and business.


We hope to inspire and enable people to pursue their dreams to the fullest.
The Ellie Bianca Foundation delivers hope through community support programs. The foundation was started by Evelyne Nyairo with an aim to provide financial support to individuals striving to make a difference in society. Working to bring sustainable change and writing a positive life story. increasing opportunity for women and children through education and business mentorship.



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Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today - Malcom X

The scholarship was created to encourage more single parents to enroll and graduate from post-secondary studies in any field. In addition to financial support for the full degree program the recipient will also get to share their story at the Ellie Bianca Women InPower Gala and other events throughout the year.

78.3% of Single moms work full time but only 24.5% hold a university degree. Work an average of 35 hours a week and 75% have children under 15 years old - Stats Canada, 2014.


Enrolled in full-time studies

Demonstrate financial need

Accepted in a Canadian Post Secondary Program


Applicants for this award must complete the application and submit requested transcripts and 2 letters of recommendation. Application open January 2019. Selections are made in March 2019 and the award will be disbursed in September 2019. Recipients of the award must be available to attend the Ellie Bianca Women InPowerGala in October 2019.


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