All About Mom

May 05, 2020

All About Mom

From first time I held my child in my arms I knew my life was going to change. What I didn’t understand was the true magnitude of that change.

Motherhood, single motherhood at that, unconventional, but it was my path.

So began the incredible ride that is motherhood. I celebrate every aspect of being a mother, everything about the experience has brought me to where I am. 

Being a mother to my daughter Ellie gifted me with the grit to stare down adversity and push until I came out at the other side with triumph. I have nurtured 5 companies from the ground to success, one of them being Ellie Bianca which was named after her. Motherhood underscores the reality that you have to give your best not only for yourself but for the little one(s) who are innocently looking up to you. 

My journey as mother has had a large hand in shaping who I am as an entrepreneur. In every project I have an undertaken I have always sought to bring hope and in some little way ease the burden of a struggling mother. After all I see myself in them, late nights and early mornings, deadlines, bills, school and work - a tight juggling act that can all go up in smoke if you drop the ball. Ellie Bianca has been a vehicle for me to execute my vision of uplifting women from the inside and out. 


Ellie Bianca was birthed out of my passion to uplift women in Africa and Canada. Having experienced misogyny and chauvinism in boardrooms in Canada and being reminded that in Africa, my sisters have it worse, compelled me to curate something that would become synonymous with women empowerment. 

Ellie Bianca is a beacon of hope and global connection. Through the Ellie Bianca Women’s Foundation, we pursue our commitment by providing a helping hand to single mothers who find themselves unable to pursue post-secondary education. We seek to ease the burden of overworked mothers by giving both boys and girls scholarships to pursue their education. 


We stand firmly in the knowledge that empowered women, empower women. We actively seek to connect with and learn from other women and it is through this interaction and sharing of knowledge we grow as people and as a company. 

We believe that supporting a mother means giving back to a whole family. Whether in Africa or North America, women have always had the short end of the stick. Helping Mom means giving her a key to a brighter future. Education opens doors to new prospects while financial empowerment gives women the capacity to provide for their families.


I don’t know if there is anyone who has a penchant for the finer things as much as my mother. She loves the experience of nice clothes, nice scents, and nice oils. Her favourite oil from our collection is the Ellie Bianca Citrus Verbena Skin Oil and it is no surprise that this is the product that has won the most awards. She pushes me to keep creating and not just creating but create the best. 

Ellie Bianca products are made with Mums in mind:

  • For the Traditional Mama – For the mum who likes to keep things simple; our Naked Skin Oil works as both as a cleanser and toner. It cleanses dirt and make up off the skin and keeps skin tone even. It will leave her skin feeling fresh and supple in the summer to come.
  • For the Menopausal Mama – Our Squalane & Moringa Radiance Serum will keep your mum's skin glowing even as it changes. Formulated with moringa and squalane to impart a suppleness to the skin without any greasy residue.
  • For the Overworked Mama – Our Frankincense and Myrrh Skin Oil works to actively reduce breakouts and scarring and most importantly helps mum feel more calm and balanced.
  • For the Choosy Mama –  Give her the gift of choice with an Ellie Bianca gift card and let her have her pick from our diverse range of products.

Whoever and however you're celebrating today - Happy Mother's Day from Ellie Bianca!

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