ELLIE BIANCA WOMAN: Fahreen Rattani Remtulla

October 23, 2020

ELLIE BIANCA WOMAN: Fahreen Rattani Remtulla

Fahreen’s passion lies in food, travel, and “anything that makes me happy.” An accountant by trade, Fahreen loves to create happiness between people from a common love of food, travel, and supporting local – embodying a lifestyle full of positivity and passion. After moving to Calgary from Australia 10 years ago, she immediately felt a sense of community from those sharing her passions and has been active with both her Instagram page and Global Calgary, oftentimes making appearances to showcase her latest recipes.

Q: What does community mean to you and how do you currently support your community?

A: Currently what community means to me is taking care of people around us whether its friends, family, so showing kindness and looking after the community and making sure you build a community on a strong foundation.

Q: What does it mean to be part of the Ellie Bianca Woman’s Campaign?

A: I think what resonated with me with about Ellie Bianca is the fact that it’s very strong on supporting women and I think one of the things I was really attracted to is the Women’s Foundation that Ellie Bianca supports and showing and encompassing woman power.

Q: What is one word to describe yourself?

A: I think I’m more on the positive, happy side, just embracing positivity to sum me up in one word.

Q: What is your favourite Ellie Bianca product??

A: Rose Skin Oil!

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Fahreen! We're honoured to have you as a part of this campaign! Stay up to date on all things fun, food and community with Fahreen on Instagram!

- Team Ellie Bianca

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