Radical Resiliency Bootcamp

September 14, 2017

Radical Resiliency Bootcamp

Ellie Bianca Presents: Charlotte Manchester

Join us at Ellie Bianca (814 16th Ave NW)  for this FREE event from 6:30 pm to 9 pm on September 22, 2017. Please RSVP at events@elliebianca.com, space is limited.

Transition back-to-school and work looking fabulous and feeling energized! Skin stress on our face and body can be managed with simple techniques and using uncomplicated yet effective skin nourishing products. Among some of the topics, Charlotte will also address the impact of social media on our youth while we sip on Fair Trade Wine and enjoy delicious cheese. The informal discussion will be followed by a private shopping experience of the luxurious Ellie Bianca product line! See you there! 

Charlotte Manchester has a Master's in Counselling Psychology and a Bachelor's of Education Degree.  She is currently working as a counselor for the Catholic School Board and deals with anxiety and depression, suicidal ideation, eating disorders and a plethora of student/parent challenges.  She lives just outside of Calgary, Alberta with her husband, three sons, five horses, and two dogs. 

Evelyne Nyairo is an Environmental Scientist / Chemist with over 17 years of experience as an Environmental Management Professional with a focus on resource conservation and sustainability. She is also the Founder of Ellie Bianca, an all natural skin care company built on the three pillars of sustainability: Social, Economic, and Environmental.

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