Here’s to breaking the taboo around the unspoken- Aging and Menopause

March 31, 2021

Ellie Bianca Radiance Serum- helps with Aging with Grace and Menopause

Ellie Bianca aims to celebrate Women in March and beyond by bringing focus to something that is not conventionally talked about- Menopause. While we have always championed the issues of women empowerment and diversity, this year we want to break the taboo on the unspoken- embracing womanhood and the changes that come naturally with aging.

To embrace aging means to not resent this natural process but see it as a promotion, as a triumph for all that you have achieved and becoming a more evolved and updated version of yourselves. We at Ellie Bianca want to break the taboo around this natural phase and give the Ellie Bianca Women the right tool to age gracefully. Smiling, working out, eating well, and meditating more not only makes the transition into menopause easier but leads to an overall healthier mind and body.

Let’s hear from our beautiful Ellie Bianca Women as to how do they embrace womanhood and aging that comes with it.

Ellie Bianca Woman- Kathy Le

Kathy Le
, the award-winning journalist at CTV News Calgary:

"Womanhood to me signifies, being authentically you and not trying to fit a mold of where society tells us where we should be. Wherever you are in your life, if it makes you happy, that’s what embracing your femininity and womanhood is about.”

 Ellie Bianca Woman- Tamania Jaffri, the face behind Urdu Mom

Tamania Jaffri, a successful content creator and the face behind @urdumom passing on the love of language and culture to the next generation:

 "My take on aging is to take out the negative connotation associated with the word and embrace it as an experience that not everyone gets to enjoy, and embrace it will all its beauty."⁠⁠

Ellie Bianca Woman- Madeline Mackinnon, face behind Natural Hormone Healing

Madeline MacKinnon, a nutritionist, women's health coach, and period expert:

"I think one of the most important things we can do is actually learn about how our hormones can start to shift as we age, and instead of fighting against them and trying to resist changes, we can actually learn from and work with our hormones."

Ellie Bianca Woman, Latoya Lanice, Face behind Blackess

Latoya Lanice, a thriving content creator sharing her passion for fitness, beauty and fashion via @blackess⁠:

"I embrace aging, especially during a time like this where so many people are unhealthy - the last thing I'm going to complain about is a wrinkle."

Ellie Bianca Woman- Jenny Lee

Jenny Lee, a project manager by day, content creator by night:

"Womanhood for me is embracing the fact that women can be strong, that women can lead, that women can create change. That is what has always stood for me and will always be the message that I bring forth to all my women in my community and eventually when I have kids of my own."

Ellie Bianca Woman, Brianna Hallet

Brianna Hallet, a hairdresser at heart and an avid beekeeper:

"I think that aging is actually a privilege that too few people enjoy and appreciate. It's a wonderful thing to take that experience and wisdom with you as you continue to grow and age beautifully." ⁠

Ellie Bianca also hosted a virtual panel discussion featuring the company founder Evelyne Nyairo, alongside Minister Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, Laura Didyk, Vice President, Client Diversity at BDC, Frances Wright, Founder, Famous 5 Foundation and Janet Dirks,the former Alberta Bureau Chief for CTV National News for an engaging discussion on the importance of female empowerment, diversity and breaking the taboo on aging. Missed the session? Head out to our Youtube channel now!
Celebrating Women in March and Beyond! - YouTube

Impacting change requires amazing men and women believing in it and Ellie Bianca aims to keep these conversations going beyond the month of March. How are you uplifting the women around you?

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